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Meet Kati. Our founder

Expanding her side hustle into a thriving and profitable business in less than a year, Kati founded A Positive Adventure, a learning and development consulting firm. As a San Francisco-based founder, Kati more than quadrupled the company’s revenue YoY.

Kati has built world class, award-winning training programs for companies like Instacart, Marine Layer,, CREDO Mobile, Gannett, LivingSocial, and others.

Kati is a professionally trained and engaging public keynote speaker. She has spoken at industry conferences including Training Industry Conference & Expo, TLDC, Advanced Learning Institute, Women in Digital National Conference, UserTesting International Women’s Month Event, ATD International Convention, contributed content to publications such as, Building the Sales Machine, ATD, and been quoted in Fast Company on effective team building practices.

Kati’s passion is motivating founders, employees and making learning stick by helping others reach their full potential through a positive and successful learning experience. 


Training should not be a 4-letter word.

We live in a bullet-pointed, slack-communicating, emoji-using, multi-screen-viewing, Giphy-injected, Instagram-story-infused, BuzzFeed-reading, ever-distracted society.


Earning and keeping the attention of our learners, matching HOW they receive information and making learning fun and engaging, while still driving and changing necessary behaviors, is the key to this equation.We have built a business focusing on this and helping companies maximize their ROI.


What Others Are SAYing

I had the pleasure of recruiting & hiring Kati about 2 1/2 years ago. Kati was one of the best hires I have ever made and has accomplished great things with our Sales Training org - which she started from scratch. Kati is an excellent leader of people, a solid recruiter of talent, possesses superior platform/delivery skills and is an excellent planner of curriculum and execution. Kati is a valuable member of the leadership team and has quickly earned the respect of her peer group. She is well liked by others and she is looked up to as a mentor by her staff. Kati continues to make major contributions to our success.

- Charlie S., CRO



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