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Invest in your people leaders


The transition from individual contributor to people manager is no small task.


The Emerging Leaders Summit is a 3-day, in person program, designed to introduce non-managers to the core skills and competencies needed for successful people management:​

  • Foundational people management skills

  • Critical conversation skills

  • Developing future leadership skills for roles as they arise.

A few courses that are included in this program include:

  • An Intro to Everything DiSC 

  • 1:1 Employee Engagement (1:1s, Active Listening & Coaching)

  • Creating a Culture of Feedback 

  • Presenting Ideas Up & Professional Influence 

  • Leading to the Motivator 

  • From Tactical & Strategic - The Necessary Shift

  • The Power of Authentic Leadership

  • Manager Panel Q/A from current managers in your organization 

  • Best Practices Sharing Session  

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