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Everything DiSC Works

Skeptical of "these kinds of tests," A Positive Adventure has found one that we truly believe in.  Essentially, you cannot change your personality... but you CAN learn about and shape your behavior.  That's where Everything DiSC comes in:  A behavioral assessment. 
Learn about how to better understand and work with your coworkers, your managers,  your direct reports and yourself through DiSC.  
Everything DiSC has a long-standing history rooted in psychology and research. Since the 1920s, the DiSC model has evolved and expanded into a multi-faceted learning solution which delivers personalized insights that foster engagement, collaboration and empower people in the workplace. 

We offer in-person and virtually engaging Everything DiSC workshops!


DiSC Is A Crowd Favorite!


"APA was incredibly thoughtful, well-paced and was able to shift well depending on how we interacted as a group throughout the day.  This is a very useful framework for understanding relationships, styles, and how to improve. Our business is all about relationships and client services so I'm glad to are taking space to focus on this. This time flew by!" 


 - Manager @ Saas-Based Tech Startup

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