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Invest in your people leaders

We all know that alarming Gallup stat that 50+% of people leave their jobs because of their manager, yet companies are still not investing in their future and current leaders... We can help.
What we do... it works.


I am Colby McDaniel the Technical Training Manager for BOS Solutions and I would like to share my experience working with A Positive Adventure. We at BOS have identified training needs for the leaders of our company. In this particular case it is the Mentors that do ‘on the job training’ with our new hires in the field. There was a gap in our legacy “mentor training” and we went to work building a new program. However there was a crucial missing piece to our program. That piece was “A Positive Adventure”.


I was fortunate enough to be at the Training Industry Conference & Expo (TICE) in June of 2018. That’s where I had the privilege to sit through A Positive Adventures workshop and the privilege to meet Kati Ryan. From the first 2 minutes of sitting in that workshop, I was hooked. It was such an amazing workshop! From her introduction to networking with the cohort to her handouts at the end. I was so impressed that I immediately sought her out at lunch and started presenting my challenge with our new mentor training. We exchanged contact info and brought her company in as an approved vendor. It was all downhill from there!


Kati put together a project plan and we worked together on building in her concepts, ideas and style. A short time later, I launched the class and it was an absolute, huge success! Everyone involved wanted more by the time it was over. Not to mention I had a blast facilitating it! A Positive Adventure provided a solution to a big gap that we could not have filled without them!


In closing I would like to say that this was the best business decision I have made this far in my L&D career. Kati Ryan is extremely punctual, professional and an absolute blast to work with! I give her my highest regard and will recommend A Positive Adventure to everyone I meet.  

Colby McDaniel, Technical Training Manager @ BOS Solutions


Through a tried and true program, woven in with your culture and processes, we will craft a leadership training plan that will:

  • Align your leaders with the vision and approach

  • Develop a leadership philosophy

  • Weave in real world application (tools, processes, role plays and more)

A few courses that are client favorites:

  • The Art of Empathetic Listening

  • Powerful Coaching Conversations 

  • Delivering Meaningful Feedback (Reinforcement & Constructive)

  • Aligning Performance Goals

  • From Tactical to Strategic, The Necessary Shift 

  • Leading to the Motivator 

  • Presenting Ideas Up (in the Org)

  • 1:1 Employee Engagement 

  • Creating a Culture of Excellence

  • Finding the Opportunities & Leading Within Change

  • Guided Manager Best Practices Session

  • Mentor/Mentee Trainings

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