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Invest in your people leaders

We all know that alarming Gallup stat that 50+% of people leave their jobs because of their manager, yet companies are still not investing in their future and current leaders... We can help.
What we do... it works.

Through a tried and true program, woven in with your culture and processes, we will craft a leadership training plan that will:

  • Align your leaders with the vision and approach

  • Develop a leadership philosophy

  • Weave in real world application (tools, processes, role plays and more)

A few courses that are client favorites:

  • The Art of Empathetic Listening

  • Powerful Coaching Conversations 

  • Delivering Meaningful Feedback (Reinforcement & Constructive)

  • Aligning Performance Goals

  • From Tactical to Strategic, The Necessary Shift 

  • Leading to the Motivator 

  • Presenting Ideas Up (in the Org)

  • 1:1 Employee Engagement 

  • Creating a Culture of Excellence

  • Finding the Opportunities & Leading Within Change

  • Guided Manager Best Practices Session

  • Mentor/Mentee Trainings

  • And more!

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