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Using ChatGPT to Summarize an "AI in L&D" Report

🤖 I just read a really insightful report by Donald H. Taylor and Egle Vinauskaite, on actionable ways to use AI in L&D. In the spirit of AI, I asked ChatGPT to help:

⌨ My prompt: "You are an L&D consultant. Read this document and summarize the 10 main take aways for me with 10 things I can do as an L&D expert to implement them. Present this in a table to me with a third column stating why the companies I work with as an L&D consultant should care."


  • ChatGPT empowers me to begin reading a tedious amount of information in an organized-for-my-ADHD-brain-type way.

  • The prompts are key in attaining the output needed. Check out this video from L&D Shakers on how to prompt ChatGPT.

  • The report above harnesses a great deal of information on how to use AI in L&D, with supporting data and examples. Chat GPT did a "decent job" of summarizing the report, but an "excellent job" of piquing my interest to find out more and actually read it myself.

  • Curious if you use ChatGPT or a similar tool in this way?

🥅 My goal: To summarize the report and begin thinking on how we can use the information with clients and in our business as we continue to innovate new solutions for our new and current client base. Chat GPT helps my ADHD sort through an overwhelming amount of information before I begin to read. 

👇 The output:

💭 My Thoughts: After reading the report, this is a gross overgeneralization of what it shared, and misses the mark on a few components, specifically included in the data/charts. I asked ChatGPT to add in data points from the report to support the claims but it generalized the data again. Regardless, overall it's a pretty solid and useful summary of this robust report and I find it fun to start with this and then read it to see if the summary aligns and what I would add with my human-focus.

🤔 Do you use ChatGPT or other generative AI or Open AI tools in a similar way?

What do you think? What would you have done differently?

All my best,


Founder, APA


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