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The Images You Choose Matter

Attention Presenters of any kind... the images that you choose when building your presentations (internal or external) matter. Taking a beat to ensure your images are diverse and inclusive is crucial. If your presentation includes images of human beings: Do you include persons of color, people of all ages, women, persons with disabilities and other minority groups? You need to.

To illustrate how alarming this is... in doing a quick image search via Google Image, here were the results by search:



Business Owner:





I could go on and on but you get the idea... In whatever image tool you're using to buy and source images, make sure you aren't simply settling on the first option. You are sending an indirect message to the audience with the images you choose. Choose carefully and thoughtfully.

What tools are you using to source your presentation images? Any other ways you're insuring diversity and inclusion when crafting your supporting materials?

This is about much more than simply presentation imagery. If diversity and inclusion is of interest to you (and it should be) join us on 05/17/18 at WeWork Mid-Market in SF for a workshop, "Embracing Diversity from the Start[up]." Let's keep this conversation going and build startups on a solid foundation.

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Gerald C
Gerald C
Sep 26, 2021

Hello mate great bllog

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