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[Recording] Injecting Fun Into Onboarding Training

Our Founder, Kati, was a featured speaker this past weekend with eLearning Alchemy.

They took on a very big task of hosting a virtual L&D conference with only six weeks to plan and execute, AlchemyLab.

Kati spoke about what we here at APA are experts in, new hire onboarding training programs. Her session was called Wake & Shake Them Up: Injecting Fun Into Onboarding Program.

Alchemy has created a repository of all 31 sessions from the conference, which are free for you to watch! Check them out here.

To watch Kati's session, navigate here... Spoiler Alert! The 6 tips are listed below for you.

Interested in having us help your organization with new hire training? Learn more about our approach here, and grab some time to chat with us!

Stay safe & healthy,

The APA Team


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