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Podcast: 3 Things Causing Churn Within Your Sales Team

The founder of APA, Kati Ryan, was recently featured on the B2B Growth podcast, discussing 3 things causing churn within your sales team.

We discuss:

  • How 30%+ of employees voluntarily leave an organization in the first 6 months

  • The 3 main reasons are cited as a poor onboarding experience, unclear of expectations of their given role, and lastly is a less-than-ideal manager (Bamboo HR, 2017)

  • Tools and learning methodologies to weave in to help control for the onboarding experience

  • In-person vs. online role plays (how and when to use each)

  • SPOILER ALERT: In-person role plays will never go away. Sorry sellers, they're here to stay!

  • How to align sales management to increase effectiveness and decrease ramp time with your sales teams

Interested in learning more about how A Positive Adventure can partner with you to ramp and train your sales teams? Check out the Sales Training page on our site... and then grab time with us to learn more



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