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Leading Remote Teams Through Change & Uncertainty [Key Take-Aways]

I recently attended a virtual session, hosted by Culture Summit called "Leading Remote Teams Through Change & Uncertainty." You can register and watch the replay of the session here. **Scroll to the bottom of the page to read more about the speakers and moderators. They were wonderful!

A few key things I took from the session include)

  • Be wildly curious about your employees

  • Try to recreate some of the micro-moments people tend to encounter in-person

  • Think about the "Trust Formula" and how, as a leader, you can focus on the elements within this formula to earn and keep trust of your people.

  • "Vulnerability leads to trust"- be authentic that things are not perfect right now

  • Do a root cause analysis when things are not going well. Get to the why on what is going on with an individual by having a conversation (recommended using a tool like Officevibe)

  • For virtual collaboration, look at tools like Miro for your white boarding, and other virtual collaboration tools that allow for breakouts and share outs.

  • With the lines of work and home being blurred right now the first person you must focus on is yourself to ensure you can bring the best version of yourself to home and to work. (I heard another HR leader recently describe this as, "You must put on your oxygen mask first before helping others.")

  • Multitasking is the worst skill possible; have moments when you can focus on walking... focus on work... focus on the kids, focus on the training you're on. Key: Focus on one thing at a time.

  • Bright side of all of this is that organizations are waking up and hopefully going to make changes to be more people-focused moving forward.


  • Stephanie Leblanc, Director of Customer Success, Coveo

  • Hayden Smith, R&D Strategic PMO at Siemens


  • Gabrielle Iadeluca, Senior Customer Success Manager @ Officevibe

  • Julie Jeannotte, Culture & Engagement Expert @ Officevibe


  • Hung Pham, Founder of Culture Summit

Really enjoyed this session. Thanks to Hung Pham and Culture Summit team for hosting.



Founder, AP


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