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Leadership Development & Manager Training for Startups

Here at APA, we love nothing more than partnering with a hyper-growth startup to help develop their managers of humans. It's what we do.

This week, our Founder, Kati, spoke on an industry panel with StartupExperts to share some knowledge on the process and best practices.

You can check out the recoding here. On this panel they discussed:

  • The best places to start when building a Manager Training program

  • The differences between Manager Training & Leadership Development

  • How to decide when to build internally or partner with an external vendor

  • The right cadence for management development trainings

  • How to develop high potential employees to be future leaders of your organizations

  • Common hurdles and challenges when launching a program

  • And more...


Moderators & Hosts:

Faces on a zoom call for Startup Experts

Interested in discussing your leadership development? We offer group programs as well as 1:1 executive/leadership coaching. Reach out to us here at APA and let's chat. We offer 30-minutes of complimentary consultations to anyone who needs it. Reach out!


The APA Team

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